The Downtown Tucson Clifton Hotel

We Built this City

An Occasional Record of Our Expansion

Hey, guess what we’re building!

As of September 20, we've actually begun our long-awaited expansion, the culmination of three years of extensive paperwork and municipal night terrors. We will soon have twenty-two new rooms, a creative little small-plates kitchen and a nice, solid neighborhood bar. In terms of our current environment, the back office is completely overrun with Lucky Wishbone Family Feasts and a herd of little corgis, and in the coming months, we will provide updates on these and other relevant concerns (did you know our steel subcontractor is an actual cattle roper? You can be damn sure we’re going to bring up that guy a lot).

Coming soon: A few site photos, a little info about our build schedule, and the reason you shouldn't use Cold Duck at a champagne christening. -DTC