The Downtown Tucson Clifton Hotel

About Us

On the western end of the genteel Armory Park neighborhood, facing into the Barrio Viejo, The Downtown Clifton hotel is a part of the heart and soul of downtown Tucson and yet a world apart. Stroll two blocks south, past the Jewish history museum, the first synagogue built in the Arizona Territory, and you will find yourself at Bon Boutique, a detour into Parisian casual chic. Next door, you can eat at Desta Ethiopian Café or pick up a few necessities at 5 Points Café and Market where guests of The Downtown Clifton get one complimentary meal daily.

Wander west toward A Mountain, Tucson’s birthplace, through picturesque Barrio Viejo and you will end up at El Tiridito, the 140-year-old shrine to a tragic love triangle. Stop by El Pilito, the museum and gallery next to it, and be sure to grab a bite to eat at El Minuto Café, which has been serving Sonoran food in the Barrio since 1939.

To the north and the east of The Downtown Clifton is Tucson’s rapidly revitalizing downtown core and the quirky Fourth Avenue Shopping District. Galleries, live music, movies, bars, nightclubs, museums, theater, shopping, dining, and more are located along Congress, Broadway, and 4th Avenue. All are easily accessible by foot, bicycle, or streetcar.

Of course there is more. The Downtown Clifton offers a curated experience. Please ask your hotel managers for suggestions to eat, drink, roam, and relax so you may… stay awhile.