The Downtown Tucson Clifton Hotel

We Built this City

An Occasional Record of Our Expansion

A Comprehensive Overview

Just kidding. Anyway, as of November 7, we have stem walls. That’s exciting. Of the five tiny buildings that are going in, four have foundations in place and are being fitted with underground electric and plumbing lines as we speak.

“Hey Mike, what’s that trench running along the north side?”
“That right there’s a hole, ladies.”

Our construction superintendent, newly emboldened by the Red Sox win, is keeping close tabs on the schedule and we’re on course to start putting up real walls next week. He also continues to bring us assorted Corgis, more on that later.

The actual plan is as follows: The main building of the existing hotel stays, and the building with Danny’s Martin’s mural will come down in March (we asked Danny about this, and he spoke really beautifully about the impermanence of this kind of art, which made us feel a little less weird about it).

Just south of that will be a public building with a lobby, kitchen, indoor-outdoor bar and courtyard space. Surrounding that will be four eentsy buildings holding 4-7 rooms apiece. In essence, we’re making a small, friendly village with snacks and liquor in it, and we’d show you the whole thing, but it’s possible the architects would get mad at us if we post the real drawings. In lieu of that approach, please refer to the following site plan crudely rendered in Sharpie:

Definitely the set of plans we submitted to the city for permitting.

A final word to our guests, who have been fantastic during this whole affair and have had fun peeking through the fence with us and asking about what’s going on: Guests, you’re delightful. Every last one of you is smart and kind and rakishly good-looking and we all just love you to bits. Thank you. -DTC